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Taixing Tugba (Youngsun) Electric Co., Ltd. of China is a professional manufacturer of fluorescent lamp starters and PTFE thread seal tape(Teflon Tape).With over 10 years of manufacturing experience, all of our products are made in accordance with international quality standards. We export to clients throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, America, and Australia with annual sales volume reaching USD4,000,000.                                    

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The Authentication Certificate of Quality Mangement System

Verification of Conformity with European Directives

Certificate of Conformity Eu EMC-Directive 89/336/EEC-

Certificate of Conformity Eu EMC-Directive 89/336/EEC-

Fluorescent Lamp Starters

Fluorescent lamp starters are widly used in different types of fluorescent lights. The starter is there to help the lamp light.Our starters have a uniform quality and very competitive prices due to our perfect processing control through the newest fully automatic assembly and inspection machines.We supply customers with wide range of starters with its excellent performance of quick start,long life,safe and stable.                                       

PTFE Thread Seal Tape

P.T.F.E. thread seal tape is an ideal material for pipe fitting, which is widely used in industrial and civil - construction, machinery, chemical & space navigation especially in drainage systems, and are characteristics of thread sealing, insulation, corrosion resistance anti-aging, using in oxidizing agent for long term.                                                                          


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